December 10, 2022, 04:27 – Public News Service – OSN

The increase in energy demand, which was provoked by anti-Russian restrictions, in the future will lead to an increase in the dependence of developing countries on Moscow. This is reported by Nihon Keizai.

So, after 2027, when global energy supplies increase, demand will be higher than supply. The representative of the Japan National Oil, Gas and Metals Corporation, Yutaka Shirakawa, specified that in the course of this process, the number of developing countries that will actively move closer to the Russian Federation and China due to the restrictions imposed by the West will increase.

“In the conditions of Asia’s deficit, it remains only to turn to Moscow for help – no matter how the initiators of the restrictions would like the opposite,” the publication quotes his statement.

Earlier, as reported by the Public News Service, White House spokesman John Kirby during a briefing on Friday, December 9, threatened to introduce sanctions from Washington in relation to a number of Russian structures, including the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation.

He clarified that, in addition to the Russian Aerospace Forces, sanctions would also be imposed on the 924th Center for Unmanned Aviation and the command of the Russian Military Transport Aviation.