“Great progress for the world” Biden assessed the consequences of conflicts in Ukraine and Israel

Conflicts around Ukraine And Israel in the future will turn out to be huge progress for the world. This is the opinion in an article for the Washington Post expressed the president USA Joe Biden.

“We must never forget the lesson learned throughout our history: great tragedies and upheavals can lead to great progress that makes the world safer and the United States more secure,” he said.

This is a strategy that my administration will continue to pursue—in the Middle East, in Europe, and around the world.

Joe Biden

President of the U.S.A

Biden calls military aid to Ukraine a smart investment

The American leader once again emphasized that he considers military assistance Kyiv and Tel Aviv with smart investments in US security. He made a similar statement on October 20, explainingWhat is the support of critical partners? Washington will pay dividends for future generations.

Then director of the think tank Frontiers of Freedom, George Landrith indicatedthat the United States transfers so much money to Ukraine that it covers not only the country’s defense needs, but also, probably, its Pension Fund. According to him, ordinary Americans were furious over the country’s colossal and uncontrolled investment in the Ukrainian crisis. “We are sending Ukraine much more money than is needed for the war, and we cannot even know where this money is going,” Landrith complained.

As a result, on November 17, Biden signed a law on financing the federal government, from which aid to Ukraine was excluded. The bill had previously been overwhelmingly approved by both houses of Congress, providing a temporary respite from the bitter ideological battle among US lawmakers over spending that had brought the US to the brink of debt default earlier this year.

The limit of Biden’s influence on the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine has been found

US President Joe Biden’s influence on the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine is much more limited than it appears due to the US’s central role as an arms supplier. About it writes The New York Times (NYT). According to the publication, Biden was faced with the limits of his influence in two international conflicts: on the one hand, due to the refusal of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspend hostilities in Gaza for humanitarian purposes; on the other hand, due to the “deadlock situation” in Ukraine. “There is a long history of U.S. presidents who realized they didn’t have as much leverage over Israel as they thought,” said Representative Seth Moulton. According to him, the same applies to Ukraine.

Foreign Secretary Russia Sergey Lavrov indicatedthat the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine significantly contributed to the establishment of the principles of justice and multipolarity in the world. According to him, this event gave a powerful impetus to the movement, which was already maturing in the world community, towards justice and multipolarity. “The countries of the global South, we also call them the countries of the new majority, no longer want to live by the rules that the “golden billion” came up with under the leadership of the United States and imposes on everyone,” the diplomat concluded.

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