Pedzpasov’s concerns were decidedly about revenge. After all, FC Vysoina’s footballers have collected seven goals and drawn once in eight summer training matches.

Navc went to Vlaimi on Saturday from Jihlavsk. On the hit soupee, which in the previous year Fortuna: Nrodn of the league took the second place behind the sovereign Brno and fought its way to the bar for the first league.

said Vlaim, who already showed last season that she is a strong team. She was able to be on the ball, she played the bar very decently. And besides, he proclaims, he has the highest ambitions, the famous Jihlava priest Jan Kamenk.

Only ambitions are one thing, the game is played on the hit and the result is the other. And the guest from Vysoina was able to boldly stand up to the pepper favorite.

Thanks to two goals by offensive winger Jakub Selnar during the first half, Jihlava was able to win 2:0 and thus claim a full points win.

We are glad that we entered the era of unity. Entering the season, whether you like it or not, has its due, Kamenk realizes. On the other hand, it is necessary to respect that it is only a stop, water. It is necessary to take it with humility. We can’t think that everything was fine and that it will go away on its own.

Selnar’s star readiness is a definite positive. It is true that Cuba was able to assert itself. And we are very sorry for that, Kamenka. But I certainly wouldn’t put it in the role that it was his salvation, that it was decided by an individual. The whole darkness succumbed to the temptation.

The coach praised the offensive performance of Vojtcha Kiel, Justin Wilson and youngster Luke Fila, who prepared the water shot for Selnar. Luk, being eighteen years old, acted very experienced in the situation. He set up the goal in such a way that Selnar pushed it into the empty goal, Kamenk smiled.

The defense is just gathering

The second positive aspect is the fact that Jihlava managed to hit a certain score. I see a big improvement over mistakes in the defense and one of some situations in the offensive, warned Kamenk in the post-season evaluation on the club’s website.

In an interview for MF DNES, he was In order not to be complacent, it is necessary to respect that the defense worked for a long time. No need to criticize anyone, he piped. However, there were things that we have to show and tell. Details that need to be worked on in order to stick together and pay attention to it.

The fact of the matter is that, together with the passing game against Brno in the first league, Jihlava played the second half of the game without conceding a goal.

Which is a good sign considering the fact that after the summer departures of Tom Vlek and Dvid Krk in Jihlav, there will be a brand new striker pair.

It can be seen that it is a raw jet. Play together, Kamenk commented on the interplay between Filip Vedral and Simon Gabriel. But they are on the right track. There was good communication between them, and except for some things we have to look into, he added.

Defensively, Vedral and Gabriel must not only be helped by fullbacks Vojtch Kitl and Tom Svoboda. Mutual cooperation needs to be taken in context, including the guardian. I see the current progress and it will be necessary for us to have more spare parts. Then we can evaluate it objectively, added Kamenk.