The controversial Puerto Rican ragpicker would have attacked his ex-girlfriend in his most recent publication on social networks, which has generated a huge wave of rumors.

Although at the time, both Anuel AA Y Carol G They assured that their breakup had been calm and that the end of their relationship was on good terms, the truth is that they themselves have been in charge of demonstrating that they were only words, since several hints have been launched even in songs.

Something that has not been lacking either are the constant attacks made by Anuel and Yailin the most viral, the current Puerto Rican girlfriend, to women or men who present themselves with a blue wig in honor of the Colombian. Even threatening them and stopping shows just for that reason.

Recently, and taking advantage of the fact that the rag man is promoting his new music, he published a message again that although he did not directly name Karol G, the followers understood that it was a hint only for her.

“This is the street! I have never needed advertising plans to create a false image! Remember that ”Anuel wrote when sharing a video of one of his concerts.

Social networks have quickly reacted to Anuel’s comments, where they assure that it is undoubtedly a hint for the bichota, who is currently on vacation after the success of his world tour Bichota World Tour