The daughter of Alexander Serov, Michelle, shared the good news with subscribers – her daughter Mia was christened in one of the churches in Moscow. Serova, the youngest, posted photos from the church on her social networks.

“Today we have a holiday. Miechka’s christening, ”Michelle signed the publication.

As you know, at the beginning of winter, Mia had a brother. Michel Serova gave birth to a son, whom she named Makar.

It is curious that only her husband and mother met Michelle at the maternity hospital. Alexander Serov himself stayed at home, as he still has not reconciled with his ex-wife.

It is known that Michelle’s parents do not communicate after the divorce. Their parting was stormy and scandalous. Mom Michelle admitted that she broke up with her star husband because of assault. Once he even broke her nose, after which she made the final decision to divorce.

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