The harvesting campaign started in the Spassky district last weekend. The farms harvest winter wheat and barley. The agrarians of Krasny Mayak were the first to enter the field, followed by Priokskoe Meat. In total, 26 combines are currently working on grain harvesting in the Spassky district. As soon as the harvest begins to gain momentum, their number will increase.

On the morning of August 3, grain was harvested on an area of ​​​​more than two thousand hectares. In total, 11.2 thousand tons of grain were threshed. The average yield in the region is almost 48 centners per hectare.

Lyubov Pantyushina, head of the agro-industrial complex department of the administration of the Spassky district:

“Now the weather is very good for cleaning. Machine operators work until dark, so as not to lose a minute. Today, the main task is not just to harvest, but also to do it without loss. Therefore, now all the efforts of farmers are aimed at organizing the harvesting campaign as efficiently as possible and completing all the work on time.”

Simultaneously with the harvest, the farms of the Spassky District continue to harvest fodder.