Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov: “We are the victorious people”

On Victory Day in Ryazan, a festive concert “Victory May” was held. It began with the All-Russian moment of silence.

Governor Nikolai Lyubimov congratulated everyone on the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. He stressed that May 9 occupies a special place in the history of the Fatherland. This is a day of celebration and mourning.

“27 million people – this is the price our people paid for the victory over Nazism. Ryazan has always been the soul of Russia. And during the Great Patriotic War, it was from the Ryazan land that the counteroffensive near Moscow began. At that time, selfless and courageous people worked in the rear, all together forging the Great Victory. Today, our country is again forced to fight Nazism on its borders. And today our paratroopers, not disgracing the memory of their fathers and grandfathers, are fighting for our country, for our peaceful future.”

The head of the region conveyed to the inhabitants of the region words of gratitude from the military personnel whom he visited in the afternoon in a military hospital.

“They conveyed their deep gratitude to all people for supporting our army. For the fact that everyone understands that the decision of the President was necessary. He absolutely rightly said that we wanted to solve the matter amicably, but we were not given such an opportunity. We will not allow Nazism to raise its head again. We will win, we are the victorious people. Happy holiday, Happy Victory Day!

A festive concert took place on Victory Square. People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kharatyan, creative teams of the Ryazan Region, the Governor’s Symphony Orchestra performed before the audience. The holiday ended with fireworks.