Governor Nikolai Lyubimov visited servicemen undergoing treatment in a military hospital

On May 9, the Governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, visited servicemen who are being treated at the branch of the 1586 military clinical hospital and congratulated them on the Great Victory Day.

The head of the region examined the wards of the trauma department, got acquainted with the work of the psychological relief room, met with servicemen undergoing treatment. Governor Nikolai Lyubimov thanked the fighters for their courage and courage in carrying out combat missions, handed over gifts from the residents of the Ryazan region.

“We could not help coming to you on such a day. Today is a sacred holiday, and there is no family that would not be affected by the Great Patriotic War,” Nikolai Lyubimov addressed the audience with these words.

The head of the region told the military about how the celebration of Victory Day in Ryazan went, about the march of the Immortal Regiment held in person for the first time in two years. Mykola Lyubimov noted that during the events, words of support were heard many times for the participants in the special military operation to liberate Donbass and demilitarize Ukraine.

“I hope that today you will also feel the warmth that is expressed in the actions of ordinary people, the letters of children sent to you. Thank you for your service and a speedy recovery!”

A concert of creative teams and performers was organized for military personnel undergoing treatment at the hospital.