December 16, 2022, 14:03 – Public News Service – OSN

The governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, was not afraid of Western sanctions.

In his Telegram channel, he briefly reacted to getting his person under the restrictions of Canada.

“The Tyumen region helps to restore the Donbass, delivers humanitarian supplies, accepts refugees. We are doing everything to ensure that our fighters are provided with everything necessary, and that their families are surrounded by care and attention, ”the politician wrote.

And he stressed: “No sanctions will stop us.”

As the Public News Service previously wrote, residents Germany expressed the opinion that Germany is destroying its own industry, as well as medium and small businesses, while continuing to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation. At the same time, according to Welt readers, sanctions have almost no effect on the Russian Federation itself.

One commentator predicts that “Germany will soon fall into total darkness.” Another reader suggested that Germany had forgotten the saying “one learns from one’s mistakes”.