My gold, pyn mom wrote Iva Kubelkov to the photo of Karolna Jirskov’s young daughter, whom she rang, bathing in water, of course in a swimsuit.

Vtina’s fans loved her, but there were also those who dared to doubt her.

Ivo, it’s nice, but how beautiful are the two of them. Hell, you don’t know moms. It’s a given that children of different personalities have that path alone. You worked it out yourself, hats off, the girls are a little bit on your TV. Otherwise there are quite a dozen, she said to the model, moderator and singer Zdeka, who got quite angry with her remark.

Iva Kubelkov took a picture of her daughter on vacation and some people have a problem with it.

On the other hand, they are visible and I can touch them at a sensitive age, noting that there are dozens of them. For that note, when can these girls obviously beat themselves up? Every loving mother takes care of her child, but I must strike myself every time, to Aneta’s account.

Kubelkov herself also contributed to the discussion, who lovingly stood up for her daughter and immediately sent a clear message to those who would want to interfere with their children.

The dozenth is the one who needs to write about anyone, how the dozenth is, she let it be heard that she got a lot of support from the other ladies in her Instagram bubble. Mr. Zdeka picked up on this and it would be a big surprise if she ever decided to comment on anything on Kubelkov’s profile.

Iva Kubelkov with her husband George Jirasek and their daughters Natlie and Karolna went on a flight to Paa.

The presenter, who also made a splash in the show Your TV has a famous voice, is not the only one who helps her daughters to establish themselves and is gradually getting used to life in the spotlight.

Veronika ilkov with her daughters Agta and Kordula

This is how Veronika Ilkov, who likes to talk to her eldest child Agt Hanychov and when it comes to it, is very happy to praise her, or vice versa, when she is calm and the dog is media. The main thing is that he achieves his goal.

She also took Kordula Stropnická to the party, who appeared by his side at the film festival in Karlovy Vary.

Ivana Gottov with her daughters. They are very lazy.

It Ivana Gottov in contrast to the actor, he keeps to the ground and chooses a gentler way, but the result is not so satisfactory and there is nothing to be proud of. Name the daughters you have with Karl Gott after him, so that the widow of my favorite singer will be satisfied. Their father would surely be angry with them, what with their old sister Dominica. But that’s another pbh…

Mariana Prachaov with her mother Dana Batulková

So Dana Batulkov chose a different path. She also proved to be correct and leading to cli. Her daughter is a dream influencer and a real entertainer, who offers me more than just a star name and a famous family. The existence of such competition is not just that, critics should keep that in mind.

rka Grossov and his daughters Denisa and Natlia

In our sentence, I must not miss the word Grossov, which sometimes escapes. Ex-premier Stanislav Gross didn’t just belong among the stars of show business, and neither did she, who used to be a waitress from the canteen of the Chamber of Deputies.

Pesto is his young daughter Natlie, a sought-after musical singer, while the old Denisa devotes herself to dancing and photography.

In the future, we will continue to visit the descendants of the famous people on the Express!