New cheap Google Pixel 6a, new Pixel Buds headphones and so smart watch Pixel Watch. These were news that the layman and the professional public expected Google (next to the new Android 13) during the Google I / O conference. Google only fulfilled this sequence, on the other hand, it added something extra.

Some of the expected news, the company just revealed that the details will be later. This is how she also showed future products, we did not expect their introduction at all. As last year, Google unveiled the appearance of the future Pixel 7 in advance, and also showed the tablet that will be launched in 2023.

Pixel 6a and handset u coming soon

Two of the new products will be available to customers soon. This is the case with the new Google Pixel 6a smartphone, which is a cheaper alternative to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro spades. The expected smartphone will be sold by Google for $ 449 (roughly one thousand thousand crowns without taxes) and, compared to the old pixels, it has a slightly lower strategy. Pixels with a house and this have always been about offering Google services, but with my powerful hardware, the company also put extra emphasis on the quality of the camera.

This time it’s a little different. Google has decided to cheaper the Tensor model, which also has the more Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models. This is not a truncated variant, it should be the same ipset, ie including the Titan M2 safety core. Pixel 6a thus becomes one of the most powerful smartphones for the board. While my siblings lag behind the top models with modern Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Exynos 2200 processors, the Pixel 6a will not be a competitor on Wednesday.

Google Pixel 6a

Thanks to this, the phone offers me the spades of artificial intelligence, which have also matured pixels. The camera thus offers functions such as Real Tone or Night Sight (for great photos), people and unwanted objects can be removed from photos with the help of the Magic Eraser function, and the offline Live Translate function for easy translations also works on the phone.

Google is so proud of its software that it didn’t even want to publish complete technical details about the new Pixel 6a. The company will meet with us later, at the moment when the start of sales is approaching. And just go to the furnace. Google Pre-Orders will launch on July 21, and the phone will go on sale a week later. This means that we have to repent according to less than two months. And in the Czech Republic, it will be difficult again, because, as before, Google will not officially offer the phone on the domestic market. So we will have to rely on bakeries or purchases from abroad.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

The situation will be the same with the new Pixel Buds Pro headphones, which will go on sale at the same dates as the Pixel 6a. A novelty with these fully wireless headphones is the active suppression of ambient noise. When turned on, Pixel Buds Pro will last seven hours of operation on a single charge, with noise-canceling turned off to be eleven hours. Google promises smart voice features when needed, great phone quality (including great voice capture quality) and future updates with Spatial Audio support for great movie watching experiences. The new headphones will cost $ 199 (approximately 4.8 thousand crowns without taxes).

Pixels 7 and watch in autumn, tablet pt year

During the water Monday of its I / O conference, Google showed the look of the new Pixel 7 series smartphones, which it will fully introduce in the usual autumn term. According to eekven, the design of the upcoming novelties evolution of the Pixel 6 series was introduced last year. . Whether they will have one color instead of two shades as with the existing models, Google opts for a cushioned pastel color.

Google Pixel 7

The company thus confirmed that two models will be available again: Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. It is clear from the image that the camera will remain, so Pixel 7 will have two lenses, Pixel 7 Pro will have three lenses. Phones will be powered by a new ip tensor.

Along with Pixels 7, Google will finally launch the new Smart Watch Pixel Watch, their introduction is expected in the future. Google also basically confirmed the design of them, controlled by touch and a torn crown, a sharp break and thus connected with the services and functions of the Fitbit platform. The Pixel Watch from the Wear OS watch, as the watch system from Google is called, is the first to install it, and as soon as other brands’ smart watches got it.

A surprise in the comprehensive product range is the new tablet that Google is preparing. My name is Pixel Tablet and at first glance it is a relatively common device of its kind with one focus on the back and not so minimized frames on the front. Pesto Google needed to let the world know that it was going to own a tablet, even though it could be launched in five years.

Google as Apple

Google’s effort to show you a comprehensive set of devices, which customers will find in a year and a day, is quite logical. The company has apparently decided that its own hardware will play an important role in the future and wants to build the same ecosystem as Apple with its devices and its iOS operating system (which in the case of other hardware platforms such as iPadOS and watchOS).

So far, Google has profiled itself primarily as a progressive company in the field of software and services. It’s obviously not enough and my own hardware can show the way in other areas, not only in the field of smartphones, where Google has owned it since the early days of its Android operating system (back then it was Nexus smartphones). The hardware, however, is not just a platform for the use of services and software from Google, apparently a new number of companies and profits.

Otherwise, the company would not boast about the fact that the current Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models are the best-selling pixels of all time and that more than a few previous models have been sold together. And so Google wouldn’t open its own stone shop characters. So far, the company has only one in New York, but this year it will increase. Unfortunately, in this regard, Google focuses only on the home of the United States, in the presence of world markets behind Apple, a huge increase.