Adam Kajumi is connected quite a lot with Prima television – he took part in the first series of the reality show Like House and was supposed to be behind the entire concept of the show.

Maybe that’s why Prima invited him to the regular summer party, which this time was held at the Hostivařský dam. And Kajumi didn’t arrive alone, Natálie Grossová also came with him. The couple is currently being speculated as to whether they are dating. Part of Kajumi’s fans would like to see them together, but the other part prefers Kafua, his friend from TikTok videos, and hopes that Kajumi is with Gross only for social media.

Natálie Grossová also came to Prima’s party, accompanied by influencer Adam Kajumi.

Shopaholic Nicol and Milan Peroutka, a couple who in the past hosted Breakfast with Nova on competing television, also arrived at the party. The pair were quite friendly at the party. First they danced together, finally they had a cigarette on a bench nearby.

The controversial sister duo Silvia and Eveline Dellai, porn actresses and influencers, also appeared at the event. Silvia also has a relationship with Prima, she was one of the participants in the third season of Like House. She and her sister obviously enjoyed the party, dancing both in the presence of men and mainly with themselves.

Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai really kicked things off at the first party.