It was a surprise for all those present when the role of giver was taken on by the person authorized to do so instead of the mayor, deputy mayor or representative Jiří Krampol. Although he was wearing a sign of seriousness, a fake one of course, he already admitted at the “wedding” that it was just a sham and the ceremony was invalid.

“Carlos and I are friends, we like each other, so he once asked me if I would give them to Lela, to which I immediately agreed, even though I myself know that I do not have the authority to do so,” the actor spoke to Expres.

But why did they first claim with the MMA fighter that he was provided with “special accreditation”, which does not exist according to the legal system?

“It was just so much fun, the show. Karlos loves it. Human, who does this kind of sport, he simply needs the theater and attention for that. And the wedding was really megalomaniacal and beautiful.” Jiří added with a laugh.

Lela like a princess.

“I am well aware that I do not have the relevant papers for this. Even when we lived in Okora, my wife took the relevant exams and was able to marry, I know it’s complicated, that’s why it was really just a show to entertain people.” described.

He himself says he knows from Karlos that the official ceremony took place some time ago and without much fanfare.

Jiří Krampol

“How would you like to get 200 people to an official ceremony? It is impossible. So they decided to just get married quietly and then have a party for their friends.” added a well-known voice actor.

He himself did not stay long at the wedding. He was already leaving at 8:30 and he said he only had two glasses of prosecco because he took antibiotics for his bronchial tubes last week.

Karlos bragged about his bride and wedding rings.

But there is still no proof that the marriage really took place. Where do the “newlyweds” have their marriage certificate? It would be enough to show just this one paper, everyone would be shut up and no one would doubt that they are not themselves.