The Ukrainians of the Roma are scattered throughout the Czech Republic, of course the most popular in Prague. And name Hlavn ndra. The reason is simple, first of all there are a lot of trains that take Roma people in the direction of Zpad.

The problem of the situation at the moment when they give the squads for help. edn practically does not exist.

Ukrainian Roma on the main road in Prague

The kind of thing is that a lot of them own a Hungarian passport. This can be easily obtained by proving an ethnic connection with Hungary. However, as his father-in-law, the Roma do not have the first to support them.

The fathers of Roma families that the editors of Expres met on the Main Railway have no idea what their fate will be. And so Hlavk, specifically his historic hall on the second floor, was considered a temporary home. also here in sleeping, blankets and otherwise improvised beds. Volunteers are available to them. They dream, they hear, they only have a lot of money that they could give away to Roma refugees.

Roma have coordinators.

The reason is that the puddles are intended as a one-off snack for refugees who come out on the Main Railway and strengthen and look for accommodation elsewhere. But that’s not the case, the whole family instead heads in the ndran hall.

Ukrainian Roma on the main road in Prague

Get warm and a bitch here and there. The children hand out songs with vitamins in their pockets.

Smell and on the master

The situation in the hall of the Main Railway is really sad. He had children, especially infants, who were homeless, with only limited hygiene.

In combination with high temperatures, the whole hall lines the smell of sweat. sten ho pebj jin smrad – ten z cigaret. They have enough of the Roma Roma. So at least nkte.

Ukrainian Roma on the main road in Prague

Give me a cigarette, k assertively one of the refugees and reaches out to the editors of the Express hand. When he finds out they’re both unscathed, he just blows his hand.

Jin smokes one cigarette after another. And it’s a grandmother who wanders around, and a mother with a baby. To our surprise, she lights a cigarette the first time she breastfeeds.

The young Romani mother breastfed and during that she took a cigarette.

This is happening in front of the ndra building, outside the main road. There Roma last two days, inside are mainly dog ​​night. Have fun dreaming, women say, children are looking for a way around.

Let’s meet you two boys who hunt for soft. And a moment later, he runs down the escalators again, which connect the entrance with the lower floor. Play around the statue of Nicholas Winton, who first sent trains full of Jewish children to Britain in 1939 to save them from transport to concentration camps.

Escalators are a source of choice for children.

The hall where the Ukrainian Roma live is a short walk from the statue of Nicholas Winton.

The first women and children on the main road are massively strong. Mui is an exception, let’s say, for example, one who banged his feet and is in a wheelchair. Obviously, these fathers received orders from these families and fought against the Russian aliens.

Ukrainian Roma on the main road in Prague

The rest of the water was followed by wolves around the Roma in the village of Ljubimovka, who stopped the Russian advance: They stole their tank. And just before the nose with us Russian troops drove.

The chaos on the Main Line could subside at least a little over the weekend. During it, the fugitives without a roof over their heads open the town of Trja.

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