The singer and rapper of the South Korean group Aespa, gisellehas been in constant growth since she and the group debuted in 2020, since then they have earned recognition from KPop fans with their hits and stage performances.

Today the popular group has a very extensive agenda due to the great growth that year after year they are achieving both in the group and individually, for their latest installment “Spicy“They used bright accessories and outfits which drove all their fans crazy, Karina one of the members of aespa She was drawing the spotlight with her anime looks and colorful hair, but Giselle was the one who took all the limelight from the entire community for her style.

Singer Giselle drew attention for wearing the lesbian flag or at least that was what her hair colors representedthe colorful additions in her hair was what excited and excited all the fans who point to their stylist for this unique representation.

According to the University Case Western ReserveIn the current iteration [de la bandera lésbica], the shades of red and orange represent gender nonconformity, independence, and community; The white stripe represents a unique relationship with femininity; and shades of pink represent serenity and peace, love and sex, and femininity”.

Although the colors used by Giselle for this new installment may be a coincidence with the lesbian flag, her followers and fans did not miss this opportunity to share their emotion and importance on this matter.