For women, to support appearance using make-up is quite an important routine. Especially the use of lipstick that does not need a reason to travel or an important moment to use it. So do not be surprised if most women like to collect lipstick.

However, having more than one lipstick certainly makes each item last longer, so it’s possible that it hasn’t run out even though it’s expired. In fact, using expired lipstick can cause irritation to poisoning. Launching from Healthline, generally lipstick lasts about 12-18 months.

Unfortunately, most lipstick brands only list the expiration date on the packaging box. Even if it is on the inner packaging, it usually wears off easily. So, in order to make sure the lipstick has expired or not, let’s understand the following characteristics of expired lipstick!

1. Lipstick discoloration and presence of grayish-white fungus

Characteristics of expired lipstick

Color change | Photo by from Pexels

Try to open your lipstick collection one by one, see if there are white spots on the surface? If anything, it’s mold growing because the lipstick has expired. However, some brands may have anti-fungal ingredients, so that even after the expiration date the lipstick remains clean.

If you find this, then try applying lipstick on the back of your hand. You probably know what color your lipstick looks like when you buy it, so if there is a change in color such as darker or lighter, it could be that your lipstick has expired.

2. Changes in lipstick texture, it can be softer or dry and hard

Characteristics of expired lipstick

Texture | Photo by Solodsha from Pexels

When you apply it on your hands while checking for discoloration, you can feel the texture. Expired lipstick will experience a change in texture, for example very soft, it can even dirty the lid, brittle easily, has a slippery texture like oily, or it can be hard because it is too dry.

This change in texture makes lipstick difficult to apply on the skin surface. On the lips, it usually feels sticky or can’t bring out the color at all because it’s too dry.

3. Changes in the smell of lipstick, from fragrant to no smell at all

Characteristics of expired makeup

Aorma changed | Photo by Mart Production from Pexels

Usually, lipstick has a variety of scents that can be smelled even when you open the lid, then it becomes more pronounced when applied on the lips. However, on expired lipsticks, the scent can turn pungent or it can be odorless. So try to observe the aroma too, yes!

4. When applied to the lips, it makes the skin of the lips stiff, dry, and cracked

Characteristics of expired lipstick

Dry on the lips | Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

If you don’t meet the three characteristics above, maybe you will still use the lipstick. Well, expired lipstick usually can’t moisturize your lips, so your lips will feel stiff, dry, and even cracked. If this happens, it’s better not to use the lipstick again, okay?

Well, those are some of the characteristics of expired lipstick that you may rarely understand. Especially if there are too many lipstick collections, and it is difficult to remember the original texture, color, and aroma. Now, let’s check your lipstick, are there any signs of expiration like the one above?