RSSU announced the publication of the Russian Constitution, translated into sign language.


How reported On the website of the university, specialists from the RSSU translated the Constitution of the Russian Federation into sign language. The publication was released today, December 12, on Constitution Day.

As they say in the message, this is the first specialized edition in Russia, adapted for hearing-impaired citizens. The university also noted that in Russia about 13 million people have hearing problems, and many sign language speakers are hearing impaired from birth, have significant difficulties with the perception of written texts, especially those that contain a large amount of terminological vocabulary.

The project is positioned as a social action from RSSU. With the help of it, students and staff wanted to draw the attention of society to the fact that it is necessary to create a full-fledged equal living environment for people with disabilities, including information.

Andrey Khazin, acting rector of the university, said that the university will continue to work in this direction – in the near future, other fundamental regulations of the Russian Federation will be translated into Russian sign language. Work on adapting the Constitution of the Russian Federation for the hearing impaired lasted several months. Dozens of researchers worked on the project, including experts from the Sign Language Laboratory of the RSSU.

The printed edition of the Constitution of the Russian Federation for the hearing impaired is a high-tech publication, where after each article there are two QR codes, each of which leads to a video with simultaneous translation and translation into Russian sign language, respectively – the first edition of the Constitution with a translation into Russian sign language will be distributed among hearing impaired people.