Scholz also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine, saying that because of Russian aggression, the summer of May 8 was a step away from the previous ones.

Millions fell on bojitch. Millions of people were treacherous in their towns and villages, in concentration camps and extermination camps. This crime against humanity was hurled by the Germans, Scholz said of the kind of wolf worlds in Europe.

What is more painful today, 77 years after the end of the kind of worlds of wolves, is to rebuke how the center of Europe is first and foremost brute. How the Russian army kills Ukrainian men, women and children, how my city is in ruins and dust, and how even the chancellor said to those who fight.

The Russians and Ukrainians once fought side by side for great sacrifice to defeat murderous German National Socialism, he said. Now, Russian President Putin wants to subdue Ukraine and destroy its culture and identity, he said.

In his speech, Scholz emphasized that Germany, after experience with Nazism, had a historic duty to help invade Ukraine to defend its freedom and primacy. We support Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor. If we did not do so, it would mean capitulation before irm nsilm, he said.

He recalled that Germany had to make an invited and difficult decision of Ukraine’s armaments and impose unprecedented sanctions on Russia. For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, we sent a large number of weapons to the United Kingdom, the chancellor pointed out.

tyi zsady Berlin to help Ukraine

Scholz said that German aid to Ukraine would continue, but with its limits, which are the protection of Germany and German allies. Therefore, according to the Chancellor, Berlin will adhere to these principles.

The first is that Germany will always cooperate with allies in Europe in support of Ukraine. Secondly, we will take care to keep our defenses on our own, he said. In principle, this is the only decision that will have codes for Russia and not for the Germans and their allies. And for the fourth time, let’s not make a decision that would turn NATO into a wolf party. That’s how it stays! Scholz emphasized.


According to the Chancellor, it is impossible to let the world wolf, especially the nuclear powers. It is only May 8, ekl.

But I am deeply convinced that Putin will not win this wolf and that Ukraine will bake her. Freedom and security increased like 77 years ago, Scholz added in a twist.