January 7, 2023, 19:35 – Public News Service – OSN

AT Germany expressed doubts about the advisability of new arms supplies to Ukraine. Bundestag deputy from the Left Party Sarah Wagenknecht and chairman of the Alternative for Germany party Alisa Weidel spoke critically about the prospects for the delivery of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle to Ukraine. German politicians announced this on the social network Twitter.

The Bundestag deputies believe that the continued supply of Western weapons to Kyiv only leads to the fact that there is a further escalation of the conflict, and also stressed that the deliveries occur contrary to the mood in German society. So, according to them, there are opinion polls showing that 67% of Germans do not support the expansion of the supply of German weapons Ukraine.

According to politicians, the German government is promoting the development of the most dangerous armed conflict since the Second World War. They call the actions of the German government irresponsible and impede the diplomatic way of resolving the situation.

Earlier, on the air of the Public News Service, a discussion took place between the president of the Aspect Center for Social and Political Research, political scientist Georgy Fedorov, and the head of the central executive committee of the all-Russian organization Officers of Russia, Lieutenant General Alexander Mikhailov. The experts summed up the interim results of the special operation, which she came to at the end of 2022, and spoke about their vision of the development of the conflict. More see material.