Even though Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They are no longer in contact with anyone but their children, there are still some frictions when they meet face to face after signing their divorce agreement, which will determine the future of their two children.

The last visit was shortly before the New Year, after the Barranquillera arrived at his home in Barcelona, ​​​​the former soccer player took revenge, thus unleashing a strong fight with the Colombian.

Shakira Y gerard They signed an agreement last year whereby their children will be able to move to Miami in January to have a quieter life due to the media harassment they experience in Spain after the divorce. For this reason, the ex-couple had to share Sasha Y Milan on December dates.

Although everything seems to indicate that the interpreter of «Monotony» will have to postpone his trip to Miami due to his father’s poor health, william mbarakDespite this, the artist complies with the agreement and will, for this reason her children left with gerard to pass the New Year Y wise men with his father and most likely also with Clara Chia Marti.

But on this last visit to the Barranquillera mansion, Gerard Piqué he was able to take cruel revenge on her, provoking a violent argument in front of her children.

According to the journalists of “Mamarazzis” Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vazquezto be able to be with their children, gerard Piqué had to go pick them up at the house of Shakira, However, the former soccer player was delayed for more than eight hours, a situation that led to a heated discussion with the Colombian and, according to paparazzi who were in the area at that time, the atmosphere was too tense.

It is said that the situation arose because gerard he wanted revenge on Shakira, Well, the singer has also made him wait a long time on several occasions, even in the rain and cold. For this reason, they assure that the ex-soccer player did it on purpose.