The parents of Gerard Piqué have made a drastic decision that could prevent them from seeing their grandchildren again, Sasha and Milanproduct of the relationship between Shakira and gerard.

Although it has been reported that the relationship between Shakira and the player’s family has never been on good terms, it seems that after announcing the couple’s separation, the Spanish’s parents do not want to see the singer again due to the controversy generated, which has undoubtedly directly affected the family .

For this reason Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Piquethey would have made a radical decision that will prevent them from having the Barranquillera close by, and therefore her 8 and 10-year-old children.

Although there was the possibility that Shakira will definitely move to USA at the beginning of the year 2023This has not been possible due to the health of the Colombian father, who a few days ago entered a new surgery.

For this reason, the parents of the former defender of the Barcelona They have decided to move from the house they have in front of their ex-daughter-in-law, since they would be tired of watching her daily, and listening to the song «Music Session #53» that the artist launched as a revenge for the infidelity between Pique and Clara Chia.

Although the decision has been made, the course would be different if the interpreter of “Monotony» decides to start a new life on American soil, if so, his father has better health conditions.