Shakira Y Gerard Piqué are at the center of different international celebrity news as they go through the personal process of their relationship in 2022. Both celebrities have been the target of publications and content that reveal their public appearances, the decisions they made about their lives and the agreements they signed to benefit the future of their children.

Amid the frenzy of rumors that the Colombian is heading to Miami in a few days with her children, Milan Y Sasha. Curious eyes have settled on a series of revelations about the parents of the former defender of FC Barcelona, ​​since it seems that Joan Pique Y Montserrat Bernabeu The news of the departure of their grandchildren will not be taken in the best way, as the Spanish press has assured.

According to “The country”, the parents of Pique they would be furious at the decision of Shakira to emigrate to the United States with their children, since they would not have much connection with them and sharing with them would be very difficult, the news did not go down well with the two Spaniards, since Milan Y Sasha They will only be able to share with them when they travel or on vacation, as indicated by the portal.

Milan and Sasha’s grandparents were furious because the artist took them to Miami, thousands of kilometers from their father’s family, if Joan and Montserrat do not travel with Gerard Piqué every month, they would not have the opportunity to see them until the holidays and It would only be a couple of times a year, unlike their other grandparents who will be able to see them every day.

The media outlet also mentioned that the Colombian’s relationship with her former in-laws has completely disappeared.

In addition, informalia agrees with the report The National of Cataloniawhich ensure that the father of Gerard, Joan Pique, He is completely silent about his relationship with Shakira, so he avoids touching the subject, so he does not deny or confirm the supposed enmity. The Spanish media are still waiting for the declaration of John, since he never showed up to talk about his son’s personal problems.

At the moment, the position of Pique Y Montserrat on the minors’ trip to Miami, which is reportedly on hold due to the medical condition of the father of Shakira.