The mother of the renowned soccer player Gerard PiquéFor the first time, he talks about how his relationship with his ex-daughter-in-law was Shakiraand because I never fully accept her in the family.

After the separation between the Spaniard and the Colombian was made public, different details of what their life was like as a couple have been revealed, including why, despite having been together for more than twelve years, the soccer player’s mother and his couple could never have a good communication.

Although on social networks they were shown as a unique family, apparently the family conflicts were simply hidden when they had to pose for the cameras.

But now, Montserrat Bernabeu resolved the doubt that millions of followers of the singer had, who see in her a synonym of humility and charisma, but that for her former mother-in-law it was the opposite. The issue seemed to have been resolved when the videos where Montserrat appears scolding Shakira in public, but this was not enough and the public wanted to know answers about their relationship.

A source very close to her revealed: «She did not want a woman like that for the 22-year-old Piqué, who was shining at the height of his Barca career. And above all that she was not Catalan, something that also mortified Mrs. Bernabéu«.

«Montserrat never accepted Shakira. Her relationship in public was limited to education, perhaps because of the children. Everything about Shakira bothered him. That she was 10 years older than her son, that she was a singer, no matter how successful she was. That she was not Catalan or at least not from a well-known family, and she also felt that, being older, she could handle Piqué and manipulate him.«. I end by affirming the source.

Even so, and despite the fact that the soccer player’s mother advised him not to have a relationship with the singer, Gerard is the father of the Colombian’s two children, and without a doubt they should always maintain a relationship for the good of minors.