Some friends and people close to Gerard Piqué they defend their new girlfriend with cape and sword Clara Chiaand they go against their ex-partner Shakiraafter the attacks on them in their new song.

After the media controversy that Shakira has achieved with her new song in collaboration with bizarrethe hurtful words have reached the ears of Gerard and his new girlfriend clearand apparently it would be affecting the couple more than expected.

Shakira thought of the lyrics of this song precisely to provoke hatred and controversy towards Piqué, and although she has achieved it, everyone expected that her actions would go as far as that, but very contrary to this, the singer lashes out for the first time at whoever damaged her relationship, the young model.

For this reason, people who are in the former soccer player’s social circle defend them and assure that the singer would be exceeding the limits of cruelty, and they consider that enough is enough.

«Clara is very good, I don’t know if she had to receive that direct blow, the truth“he commented gerard romerofriend of the Spanish.

In addition Victor Navarroa well-known journalist, affirmed that Clara is having a hard time due to the media harassment: «I arrive early every Sunday and she has already been working for hours. She is very hardworking, she is always preparing things. She is aware of everything and asking if everything is okay. She has had a hard time, especially because of the paparazzi issue«.

In general, everyone agrees that the model is a good person, despite the incident causing the end of the relationship, for this reason Clara Chía does not understand the reason for so many attacks.