The father of Gerard Piqué recently he has had to deal with Shakira’s fans, who strongly criticized him in a public place.

Joan Piquethe first name of Gerard’s father, has experienced an awkward moment after being intercepted by several fans of Shakirawho after recognizing him launched strong comments towards him.

The followers of the Colombian have been angry with the infidelity of the player to the Barranquilla, which is why whenever they have an opportunity they claim the family of Gerard, the support they gave him when he introduced his new girlfriend, taking into account that it was the product of infidelity.

Shakira less than a month ago he released a song where he publicly attacked Gerard, and his love Clara Chiaand although at first the song seemed to be an offense to both of them, without a doubt those who also suffered from criticism were the footballer’s parents.

On this occasion, while Joan Pique was watching a game kings leagueSeveral fans recognized the man, and immediately they filled the stadium with shouts that chorus expressed: “Shakira, Shakira, Shakira.”

In the face of the fury of the fans, Gerard’s father decided to get into his car and pretend not to hear anything, accelerating his car, considered to be high-end.

When the former father-in-law of the Colombian left, the fans sang in one voice the recent theme of the mother of Sasha Y Milancreating chaos in the place.