Kosmos, the production company of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, has lost another very important contract, since the Austrian tennis player Thiem, disassociates himself from the company chaired by the Catalan. Karma is giving the ex-husband of Shakira where it hurts the most: money.

The consequences of having separated from Shakira continue to wreak havoc on his business. Piqué has received another very hard and catastrophic blow to his company Kosmos, which he now sees as an important tennis figure that they represented, he breaks all his ties financial.

Thiem, An important tennis player on the rise, he has made the decision to leave Kosmos and seek a representative from his older brother. The reasons? Uncertainty, the same that the company has earned since the Catalan separated from the colombian artist and all the businessmen who injected shares into his business began to abandon it.

let’s remember what was Shakira responsible for several contractors agreeing to sign a contract with Kosmos. Her image and fame gave them security, but when her break with the former player of the Barcelona Fc, everything went to the precipice.

attitude and personality of Pique They confirm that he cared much more about his business than the mother of his two children. First was the breach of contract with the Davis cup, and now, this new rebuff makes Kosmos on his way to a precipice from which he will not be able to get out.

If they continue to lose contracts as fast as they are, the bankruptcy of Kosmos It will originate this year. Many call it the true karma that the Spanish will pay for having deceived Shakira. While others call it the price he is going to pay for his terrible attitude.

And you, what do you think about the new loss he has suffered? gerard Pique?