Former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, he would be preparing some legal actions against his ex-wife Shakira, this after the singer released a song where she throws hard darts at him and his new girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti.

According to various Spanish media outlets, Gerard Pique He has been meeting in the last two days with his legal team of lawyers, something that several have interpreted as some start of lawsuits against Shakira.

The Colombian singer launched together with the producer and composer bizarre the music session ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ where he openly attacks the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc and Clara Chia Martí, echoing them and comparing herself to the 23-year-old, stating that she is far superior in every way.

“You changed to a Ferrari for Twingo», “You changed to a Rolex for Casio», These are just some of the phrases that Shakira uses to attack Piqué and minimize Clara Chia.

These same ones have also earned her some criticism, which affirms that the Colombian interpreter proved to be a false feminist for opening up to publicly attack another woman just out of ardor.

What is certain is that it is still not certain whether Pique whether or not to take legal action against the interpreter ‘Waka waka’, But having recently met with his lawyers has opened the rumor and the possibility that the athlete is willing to deal with his ex legally.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?