Gerard Piquéthe former player of the Barcelona team, would have to bear the criticism that he will have for a painful scandal in which he will be involved in the year 2023apparently his ex-wife Shakira I was aware of this, but I accepted it.

Gerard, who separated from his wife Shakira midyear 2023After weeks of rumors of a possible marital crisis, she had to force herself to separate from her children as well, since Shakira issued a demand order on him, to obtain full custody of his children.

But the crisis in his life does not end here, the player will have a start and middle of the year 2023 difficult, according to a source the scandals about his life will not be long in coming and would end his dignity.

the pythoness Mhoni Seerrecognized for her judgments that turn out to be true on different issues, clarified that for Pique good things are not coming, and that your life will gradually become difficult.

The renowned clairvoyant asserted that there will be issues about Pique, which no one expected. «He will be surrounded by negative energies, he will have a scandal about his sexuality, there will be a person, a soccer player, who will declare that he had a relationship with Piqué when he was in a relationship with Shakira, the singer knew it, but she accepted it that way» stated the source.

His followers are surprised by the news, but above all because they did not expect a scenario about Pique so painful.