After it was revealed that Gerard Piqué, business owner Kosmos Global Holding decided to close its subsidiaries Kosmos Tennis and Kosmos Management, companies where his girlfriend worked Clara Chia Marti, the former soccer player would be forced to fire his partner from his job. It seems that the Catalan is focused on his two most ambitious projects; the kings league and his presidency in the FC Andorra.

The collective contracts that Kosmos had with some Tennis associations and others sports, they have gone completely into oblivion. These areas were the ones managed by Clara Chia, who would not directly be holding any position at this time, as expressed by the portal Ok Diary.

However, what has really caught our attention is that the former defender of the Barcelona Fc, would be obliged to dismiss his girlfriend for the financial situation his company is facing.

Since he separated from the Colombian singer Shakira, the contracts she had have been fading, since it was the artist who managed to get numerous investors to sign.

This way, Gerard Piqué would be between a rock and a hard place with its business crisis, which has put the job position that Clara Chia Marti It has in Kosmos.

And you, what do you think of this situation you are facing? Gerard Piqué?