Gerard Piqué You will have to assume a serious lawsuit in which you could lose a large part of your fortune, and this time it has nothing to do with your ex-partner Shakira.

The separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakira has been playing a trick on the Spaniard, because while the Colombian profits and increases her capital with songs for him, Gerard has had to deal with various million-dollar lawsuits.

This time the tennis federation He is studying possible legal and economic measures against the ex-soccer player for various reasons.

It seems that the lawsuit is directed at the company Kosmos, property of Piqué, for the damages and losses they have caused, in addition to the accumulated debts against the federation.

In the agreement created between the parties, the company belonging to Shakira’s ex-partner promised to carry out the Davis cup for the next 25 yearsan act that the Kosmos company did not continue to carry out, owing a large sum of money.

«The International Tennis Federation is studying the legal measures against Piqué and his company for the accumulated debts and for damages for the bad image that the end of said agreement transmits.“Added a close source, adding that the company is confident of being victorious in the act, harming Gerard Piqué.