professional soccer player Gerard Piqué will be facing a strong lawsuit for creating false accusations about a paparazzi.

Gerard has not been able to step aside from the controversies that have generated him to separate from Shakira and start your relationship with Clara Chia MartiIt seems that the infidelity he committed against the mother of his children has taken its toll on different aspects of his life.

Now he is facing a new controversy, a paparazzi has warned him that he could face a million-dollar lawsuit with him, for the slander generated against his dignity.

jordi martina reporter who has been following every step of the former couple, and of the current couple, discovered that the former defender of the Barcelona He was watching every story that the communicator posted on his social networks.

Noticing the vigilance he had Pique against him, he launched a comment stating that he had a watcher on his accounts. And there the boyfriend of Clara Chia He had no qualms about giving an answer that belittled Jordi’s self-esteem, “Leave the drugs, cocaine is very fucked upGerard commented.

Noticing the comment, the reporter began the process of establishing a legal claim against Gerard Piquésince in one way or another he was discriminated against and affirming strong slander about him without any proof.

«My lawyers are preparing a lawsuit and in the next few days a lawsuit for libel and slander will be filed“Jordi said, adding that he will do all the pertinent tests to verify that he does not have the substances for which Piqué accuses him in his body. The authorities will establish what acts the ex-soccer player must carry out or what compensation must be delivered to the person affected by his words.