The year 2022 is coming to an end, and just days before the start of 2023, predictions are being made about what the new year will bring for the former Spanish soccer player. Gerard Piqué, who is one of the most followed personalities both professionally and in his private life.

The former defender of Barcelona and the Spanish team has announced his retirement and will now concentrate on his own business, however, he was also in the eye of the hurricane after his break with the Colombian singer Shakira.

the famous fortune teller Mhoni Seer He was right about the outcome of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and predicts that 2023 will be a worrying year for the Spaniard, with ongoing scandals, his relationship with Shakira, justice and even his sexuality.

The seer assures that Gerard Piqué he will marry his new partner, Clara Chiabut he will also be a father again, this time to a girl, on the other hand, he said that Pique he has “the devil’s card” on top, so he will have repeated problems.

The devil’s card fell to Piqué because he is followed by fraud problems, as well as legal issues. About his children and Shakira’s. Shakira wants to sue him so she can’t see them.

To end, Mhoni Seer He confirmed that the former Spanish soccer player will also be surrounded by bad energy and will even be the subject of a sexual scandal.

He will be surrounded by negativity, it will be an international scandal because of his sexuality, there will be someone, a soccer player, who announces that he is in a relationship with Piqué when he was in a relationship with Shakira, she knows it, but she just accepted it that way.