Gerard Piqué He was recently seen on a flight estimated to be “low cost” and has been widely criticized on social networks, while they insinuate that his ex-partner Shakiracontinues to maintain a much more expensive life, mobilizing even by private jet.

The ex-footballer of BarcelonaGerard Piqué, decided to end his love life with the singer Shakira, with whom he had more than 12 years of relationship and two children in between, because he started an extramarital relationship with his current girlfriend Clara Chiacausing according to the media a rather controversial infidelity.

After this, the two celebrities have restored their lives separately, adding achievements and “failures” to their lives, as some netizens consider it. For its part, the barranquillera has recently been named the «Woman of the Year»because he managed to emerge victoriously from a love disappointment, creating «musical art» that has allowed him to collect some millions with his recent songs with which he would be buying an expensive mansion in Miamiwhich according to what is stated, should enter by means of helicopters.

While Gerard Piqué has had to endure some criticism from the Colombian’s followers, since he was recently seen traveling on a commercial flight, to which some passengers even managed to record it and ask for photographs. A fact that has been considered unusual because it is estimated that the ex-soccer player has a considerable amount of money.

Quickly, the comments have come to light on social networks and some of these stand out: «It was not a private jet like Shakira’s, nor a first class flight, it was a humble flight in a low cost company, going from Barcelona to Milan«. «What happened Piqué? Do you have financial problems or is it karma?“, between many more.