Gerard Piqué I visited the mansion where he lives a few days ago Shakira with his two children, and while he was waiting parked in his car, the songs of heartbreak that he played at a high volume could be heard.

The controversial issue that unites Gerard Piqué and Shakiraevery day it gets stronger despite the fact that they already passed close to 8 months since their media separation. The couple who lived together with their two children more than 12 yearsdecided to put an end to his love for the infidelity that the former player committed with what is now his girlfriend, Clara Chia.

And although the current relationship of the ex-soccer player 35 years with the model of 23 seems to be on the right track, Piqué will always be together with Shakira, which is why he still spends a little of his time visiting her.

Although the children of gerard they live with the barranquillera, and it is assumed that he visits the mansion of the interpreter of “Monotony» in order to visit her two minors, the curious thing is that on this occasion she was waiting while she sang heartbreak songs.

The Spaniard was waiting for his eldest son to enter the house when he was intercepted by a journalist from the program “Wake up America«, who could not ask questions to Gerard Piqué because of the loud volume of his music.

«He plays music for us to dance. I really tell you, he does not want to answer anything, and we do not know exactly what is happening because, as I have told you, he has left his eldest son and we do not know exactly what is going to happen now.“, the journalist recounted.

What could be clear is that the heartbreak songs would be for his ex-partner, since he was alone without the company of his new girlfriend.