The former player of Barcelona, Gerard Piqué has taken a strong legal action against his ex-wife Shakira.

The couple who ended their relationship in the middle of this year 2022They have been fighting for custody of their two children. Sasha Y Milanand although they have had disagreements they have managed to reach an agreement.

The couple’s children will remain living with their mother in Miami, but they can still visit or be with their father on some special dates or he can visit them on American soil.

However, the former player Pique He went to his lawyers in order to leave the agreement very well signed, and not have problems later.

The former defender of barca You don’t want any surprises when you visit the children in USAand with the help of his lawyers, he wants the agreement to be fulfilled equally in both countries.

«Once the sentence is final, the soccer player’s lawyers, Paola and Ramón Tamborero, will request the approval of the sentence before the Miami court, in order to guarantee its compliance in the event that one of the parents fails to comply with the agreement. The medium explained.

«With this ratification before the North American courts, Piqué is guaranteed that Shakira will not change her mind or breach the clauses that were signed in Spain“, finished the portal.

Pique he would be looking for the help that is necessary, so as not to lose sight of his two children.