The little vacations that Gerard Piqué had with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti in Czech Republic have finished, so the footballer returned to Barcelona, ​​Spain, and went directly to see his children. However, she suffered a rudeness from Shakira, and the paparazzi They were there to capture the moment.

Piqué arrived in Barcelona and went to the mansion he previously shared with Shakira, and stayed inside his car for several minutes because it was raining outside.

the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ he made a big rudeness to him, since he refused to open the door for him, and after a while it was his son Milan the one who went out with his things and followed him Sasha.

in the mansion of Shakira, There were several paparazzi who could see the wait made by the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc for the children, but it is said that the Colombian star wanted to humiliate his ex in the rain intentionally and for the paparazzi to see.

Shakira Her attitude towards her partner has changed a lot, so now she is cold and cutting when previously she was a dedicated and thoughtful woman with what is now her ex.