gerard Pique He has shown a harsh lack of interest in his children, and has publicly created a new controversy from which he may come out negatively favored with respect to the custody he has over them.

minors Sasha and Milan 8 and 10 year olds have possibly been the most affected after the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué will end after 12 years of love, and now sharing with his parents separately they have felt his lack of commitment.

In a recent video, the former soccer player has been heavily criticized, as they point out that it is best that he not share with the two minors, if he is going to show total disinterest in them.

The relationship between the Catalan and his children has not been the best, although the minors have shown that they feel great affection for him, but it has not been reciprocated nor has the same interest been shown.

In a recent video made by the paparazzi, it can be seen how Gerard Piqué waits for Sasha and Milan sitting in his car, while they raise their suitcases on their own and greet their father, who is on the phone and does not pay much attention to them. He doesn’t even turn to look at them.

The player’s concentration on the phone seems to be much more important to him, who seems to talk with Clara Chiafor which Shakira’s followers advise her that if the situation does not improve, she asks the courts for full custody for her.