The ex-footballer gerard Pique He has shown his level of cowardice to the followers, after being seen avoiding being face to face with his ex-partner Shakira.

The media separation between Shakira and gerard Pique, It continues to give something to talk about to the hundreds of media that every day are watching the steps of the ex-couple, equally Clara Chia Who was the cause of the separation?

Although Piqué would have been strong in the face of the criticism generated towards him, what he still has respect and fear for is the interpreter of “Monotony“, since in a recent video recorded by the paparazzi, it is observed how he flees to avoid meeting the mother of his children.

Hours after being recorded while walking with his girlfriend Clara Chia in streets of Barcelonathe professional player was captured by the cameras of the reporters who wait for any movement on the outskirts of the Colombian house.

Apparently he came to the house of Shakira after sharing with their two children, and while they were saying goodbye, he quickly got them out of the car and even without having entered Milanhis eldest son, the player sped up his car to avoid being seen by his ex.

According to the media, Gerard Piqué He was quite nervous and very serious, to the point of not helping his children when he lowered a heavy suitcase, and speeding up when the trunk of his car was open.