the famous footballer Gerard Piqué has revealed that he could still hold talks with Shakiraeven when in an official relationship with Clara Chia.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been the center of attention of the most important national and international media for their media break. in the middle of the year 2022the Barranquilla woman announced that the relationship with the father of her children would have ended, and although she did not state the reasons, some time after she found out that it was due to infidelity.

Despite the fact that neither of them referred to the subject again, through the paparazzi it was confirmed that the couple would not have ended on good terms, and they preferred to avoid each other every time they saw each other, although other media claimed that the separation was a whole movie carried out by them in order to carry out strategies that would allow them to generate money.

This version could become relevant now, knowing that although Gerard Piqué maintains a relationship with Clara Chía, it is possible that he still talks to the mother of his children, and not exactly family matters.

The businessman revealed details in an interview that he was given a few days ago, in which the journalist sought to find out different issues of the former defense of the boat, but got a big surprise. The journalist asked him about some celebrities that he had as a contact on his phone, but who were not soccer players.

«I want to ask you this, on your phone, what is the most famous non-football contact you have?«, the footballer without thinking much expressed «I would say Shakira, perhaps, who was my partner. It could be one. I’m thinking Instagram followers and yes, if you’re saying that, I’d say Shakira because of that.«.

Although I do not clarify if he chats with his ex-partner, it is a fact, since she is the mother of his children and still, after their controversial breakup, still keeps in touch.