Gerard Piqué He was sorry for the infidelity he committed towards Shakira, and he tried to return to his normal relationship with her, while he was still with her. Clara Chia.

The former player of Barcelona apparently his purpose was for his ex-partner to forgive the infidelity he would have committed, time before the official statement of their separation was issued.

After a week of the premiere of the new song of Shakira with bizarreseveral details unknown to the press and the general public have come to light, the followers of Pique they refer to him as someone who has no shame.

Undoubtedly the song of the Barranquillera is based on short phrases in which he lashes out at his ex-partner and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia. But very few people knew the meaning of some phrases, such as “I won’t come back with you anymore, even if you cry or beg me.”

Journalist jordi martinknown for following in the footsteps of the ex-couple, commented that when the ex-soccer player was officially the boyfriend of chiahe tried to return to the mother of his children.

According to the communication of the journalist in april of the year 2022, Piqué and Shakira ended their relationship, but a month later when he found himself in trouble and was sorry, he wanted the Colombian to forgive him, with such bad luck that he “not» was the answer.

The following month, in june They definitively announced their separation. It seems that the one who is experiencing the same situation now is Clara Chía, since news of the Spaniard’s infidelity towards her has recently been broadcast.