Gerard Piqué He continues to be the center of attention in networks and not precisely for positive acts, this time they have criticized the player again for his role as a father, the followers assure that he is not a good father at all.

After the imposing separation that he has had with the mother of his two children, Shakirathe player Gerard Piqué He has not been able to avoid being submerged in any criticism from his followers.

Even more so when on several occasions he has been accused of being a father who lacks what is necessary for his two little ones.

In a video circulating on the platform Twitter and that it was recorded by a paparazzi outside Shakira’s mansion, you can see the father of Sasha and Milanas he gets them out of his car without helping them to lower a heavy suitcase.

The curious thing about his interaction with the minors was how little cordiality he had Gerard Piqué the moment they got out of the car in the middle of a stormy rain.

The comments did not wait and between anger they expressed to Piqué: «how unpresentable«, «NI’m even able to help the child with a suitcase that he can’t even carry«, «Looks like she dumped her kids«, «Shonestly you were not born to be a father Gerard Piqué«, among a few more.