Shakira’s fans are really excited for the return of the Colombian singer with a new song that promises to be a worldwide hit. The theme is in collaboration with bizarre and it is titled as «Music Sessions #53», and a part of the lyrics says like this:

«A wolf like me is not for guys like you, it looks big on you, that’s why you’re with a girl just like you… I’m not going back with you anymore even if you cry or beg me, I only make music, I’m sorry that you splash”.

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Of course, this has generated a stir on social networks, with different names going viral in trends, including gerard Piqueand it is that Internet users have the networks of the former soccer player full of answers about Shakira’s song, even making edits.

Thanks to so much commotion, Gerard Piqué has officially reacted implicitly, and it is that he has taken his social networks to leave a series of clown and circus emojis, making his opinion clear on the matter, since everything is about a show according to the ex-partner of Shakira.