Gerard Piqué posted a photo with Clara Chia in your personal account instagramwith the purpose of making their relationship more official and showing themselves to be more in love, but his followers in millions of comments have reminded him of his ex-partner Shakira.

The controversy between the trio continues, and apparently it is far from over. After Shakira announced her separation with Gerard Piquéfather of his two children, bad luck has been for him, since he has not been able to rebuild his love life with Clara Chía as he would have liked.

His followers clearly remind him that karma exists and perhaps it is the mistake he made, what life is charging him with his new girlfriend, who is rumored to have also been unfaithful with the young lawyer Julia Puig.

In order to go one step further in the relationship, and be even more formal, the Spaniard published a photo with his partner where they undoubtedly see themselves in love, finally seeking the approval of their followers. But of course, his followers who are now against him have not forgotten the episode of infidelity that he carried out against the mother of his children.

For this reason, after the photo was published and achieved the expected virality, the millions of comments refer to the false relationship they have formed, and remind them of Shakira and their children.

«Enjoy while it lasts, your kids watch Instagram too«, «What does Shakira say that she can’t comment on this post because she’s busy doing session 53.1 with biza«, «Nice photo, did Shakira take it??«, «Delete the photos with Shakira first, ridiculous«, «The important thing is that Shakira is billing thanks to you«, have been the majority of comments with more judgments against them.

His followers aspire that Gerard Piqué understand that a relationship that was born of cheating will not be easy to maintain.