gerard Pique and his current partner, clear chiaare on the lips of the international media, this due to the recent musical release of Shakira along with the Argentine music producer, bizarapwhere the Colombian singer vented about what she felt about her ex-husband and new girlfriend.

In the song, the singer Barranquillera made several comparisons, which were dedicated to her ex-partner, since in one she says “You traded a Rolex for a Casio«.

Two days after the song premiered, Gerard was present at a Twitch broadcast on the Streamer’s channel. Ibaiwhere they would give important news in the project that the ex-soccer player has, called «kings league«.

What no one expected is that Gerard would appear on the broadcast wearing a Casio brand watch, the same brand with which Shakira He makes the comparison in his song, but it was not only that, since apparently in the face of all this controversy, Gerard and Casio have reached an agreement, where Casio became an official sponsor of the great Spanish event.

In the song, the Colombian also made the comparison between two car brands, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo«, which led to Gerard appearing today, January 15, driving a Twingo, which would imply that without a doubt gerard Pique prefers to Clara Chia instead of to Shakira.