Gerard Piqué has made the decision to pay for cosmetic surgery Clara Chia for the attacks she has suffered from her ex-partner, the singer ShakiraThis is to cheer her up.

The song Music Session #53 of the Colombian Shakira has undoubtedly been a harsh attack on Clara Chiabesides being also for the family and the same gerard.

The couple who are having mental health issues and are embarrassed by the song, wish that Shakira disappear from their lives soon. For this reason, Gerard has paid for a surgery for his girlfriend as a form of consolation for the attacks, and in order to raise her self-esteem.

the model of 23 years She would already be tired of the controversy, overwhelmed by having the press so close and looking for some response from her, so she decided to separate from Piqué and go to her parents’ house.

The reporter jordi martin He was the one who stated that Piqué would have paid for a lip surgery to his girlfriend to comfort her, “You had an inferiority complex with Shakira. You felt tiny next to her. You needed a 23-year-old girl to laugh your thanks. What you are is immature, I think you paid for Clara’s lips a few days ago, right?“, was the message from the paparazzi.

Supporters claim that a lip surgery will not minimize attacks from Shakirawho is taking revenge for an infidelity.