The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, has reappeared on social networks after the controversial collaboration that his ex-partner, the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, launched with Argentine producer Bizaraps, ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 54’, which is dedicated to him and his new partner Clara Chia Marti.

What is lived in Internet in the last three days he has been completely dominated by the lyrics that Shakira released in her musical session with Bizaraps. In them, hard darts are thrown against Piqué and the replacement of the Colombian, who has not hesitated to try to humiliate and denigrate her ex-partner until the last instance.

The former soccer player Barcelona Fc left the interpreter ‘she-wolf’ by Clara Chia this year, but according to several tests, he had already been dating the 23-year-old for more than a year, so this infidelity dates back a long time.

What many users have been waiting for is Piqué’s reaction to this harsh attack. And to the surprise of many, the Catalan appeared on social networks last night.

However, what many did not expect was that the sportsman technically he would completely ignore his ex-partner’s attacks. The Spanish published a tweet where he reported an event that he will have today, making it clear that what Shakira says does not matter to him in any way.

The Colombian fans have taken this as a way of mocking, since in the same tweet, Pique published a emoji of a little clown, implying that his ex-partner is a “clown”.

And you, what do you think of Gerard Piqué’s response to hints from Shakira?