This is not the first time that the international media have reported that the environment in the company Kosmos of the former soccer player, Gerard Piqué, It has become more difficult and stressful since his new Spanish girlfriend, Clara Chia, began working on it, sources close to the company said that other employees do not give good comments about the athlete’s new love.

The problem with the work environment is so great that the Spanish media recently assured that an employee of Gerard Piqué would be in charge of distributing caricatures about the appearance and attitude of the young woman through the media, caricatures that would not have liked Gerard Piqué, affirming that he will take revenge and look for the person responsible.

One of the paintings shows the face of clear chia on a character with blonde hair, high cheekbones, very bold lips, and a prominent chin, and the description painting reads “Wanted, she’s crazy«. In another photo, a couple is holding a bottle of wine and a glass of beer with a caption that reads: “When you celebrate shit, I say your single«.

According to the drawings spread on social networks, the reaction of the former Barcelona player was not good at all and he will look for those responsible in his company, according to OK Daily, Gerard Piqué he wants disciplinary measures and would be thinking of an immediate dismissal for the person responsible, although according to what was mentioned by the newspaper, the workers have united among themselves and thus prevent them from finding the culprit.