Gerard Piqué He has been threatened by a model, who will publish some videos where the ex-soccer player is unfaithful to his former partner. The followers of Shakira support the model’s decision.

After more than half a year involved in controversy, Gerard Piqué continues to be in the eye of the hurricane for the infidelity he committed against the singer Shakira, and how he has shamelessly continued the relationship with the woman who committed the betrayal.

Now after posting a photo on your instagram staff formalizing their relationship with Clara Chiaa model claimed to have several videos in her possession, which could continue to create discord with the mother of her children.

As reported by the model, her annotation could give more credibility to the phrases contained in Shakira’s song with Bizarrap, “Music Session #53» released last January 11.

The Brazilian model has threatened Gerard Piquéletting him know that he has some photos and videos where the former defender of the Barcelona team was unfaithful to Shakira in the year 2018 in Barcelona.

«I saw you being unfaithful to our Shakira in Shôko, in Barcelona 2018. I have videos“, commented the model Michelle Carvalhowho with his comment confirms that Piqué was unfaithful to the Barranquillera many times, not only with Clara Chia.

Internet users immediately began to follow the model and asked her to publish more information about it, to which she stated that through a TikTok in his personal account he will give all the details.