Gerard Piquéformer player of Barcelonahas been humiliated by hundreds of people in a stadium, and apparently everything was caused by his ex-partner’s fault, Shakira.

The former couple made up of the Colombian Shakira and Gerard Piqué, confirmed their separation in the middle of 2022 for an infidelity that the soccer player would have committed against her.

As a result of this, a whole controversy arose that to this day has not stopped, the Colombian used her musical talent to take it out on the father of her children. Shakira created the «spite trilogy» with songs like «I congratulate you«, «Monotony” Y “Music Sessions #53«, this last song created with the Argentine producer bizarreand where he most punctually attacked Piqué.

With this last song, the new couple has been greatly affected, since the fans who are undoubtedly in favor of the Barranquillera, sing and shout the song in front of them so that they understand the hint.

And once again, the followers of Shakira they create an awkward moment for the former player. In a stadium and in front of many people, the song that includes phrases referring to Pique Y clearis chanted by several people while one of them records Piqué, who looks quite annoying and looking for a way to flee the place.

Undoubtedly, the Colombian was able to capture in her songs the feeling of resentment she had against her ex-partner, who is said to have cheated on her during the 12 years that they were together