Gerard Piqué has been caught in Paris a few hours ago, with a rather downcast face, apparently meditating on his actions and without the company of his girlfriend, Clara Chia.

The ex-soccer player decided to flee Spain for the attacks of the recent song of his ex-partner Shakiraand the harassment he had been suffering from the Spanish press.

But according to his state of mind, the ex-soccer player has gone from having a behavior in a mocking tone, to having a rather worrying face. In the photos taken by the paparazzi, it is noticeable Gerard Piqué sad and discouraged.

Although early on in the song’s release, Clara Chia and her boyfriend were mocking the subject, Piqué for his part, referring to the verses of the song where the Barranquillera refers to a clock Casio and a car Twingoapparently out of ridicule, the subject affected them a lot.

Clara Chia has decided to separate from her boyfriend and go to her parents’ house in search of refuge, and the former defender of the Barcelona would be taking a few days off from the Spanish press in Paris, France.

In photos of some reporters you can see the ex of Shakirawith a few cigarettes in hand while in a private place, looking forlorn and clearly down on the critics.

His followers refer to what the soccer player is experiencing, such as the karma he must pay for being unfaithful to the mother of his children.